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sailing windfall

"Blessed are the curious, because they shall have adventures"
- Lovelle drachmann

Upcoming trips

Where are we going next?

Current location is ZeeBrugge, Belgium. We are waiting on a weather window and plan to cross Gulf of Biscay as soon as the weather allows. End course is set on Canaries but we would like to explore everything in between and might even go to Azores. 

want to join as crew?

Get in touch if the current route and plans sounds like something you would be interested in or if you need any information.


Explore with us

Get a taste of how it is onboard SV Windfall, while we explore all corners of the world and share this through videos, visit and subscribe our youtube channel and let us know what you think! Latest WLOG (Windfall LOG) online now.

Windfall is a 16 meter, two-masted steel Ketch, she was built in 1975 and comes with a rich history that we are just finding out more about. 

meet the crew

Meet Thomas, also called Thomaatje (Tho the mate!), our captain and proud owner of Windfall. He’s a dutchie and has sailed more than 20.000 NM and is now fulfilling his biggest dream to sail around the world with his own sailing vessel. Only time hes not trying to make you smile and joking around is when he is fully focused on sailing and bringing the ship into safe harbour.

Say hi to our First mate Khalid from Malaysia, who we nowadays call Chilli since the captain gives everyone a nickname once they enter onboard. The name was quickly given after discovering that he can not only sail but cooks like a 5 star chef and adds plenty of spice, there’s a lot to learn from this amazing fella sailor and alot to enjoy when joining the Windfall table. 

Ahoy to Lovisa, our last mate to enter the ship! Blonde, blue eyed swede/dutchie who never sailed before but decided to quit her fulltime job and house to come on her biggest adventure yet, therefor we gave her the nickname YOLO. After getting rid of all her belongings she has promised us a party every first monday of the month instead of paying for a storagebox. YOLO!